Flying into a Floating Future!

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Building on waves – thoughts on a FLOATING airport.


The battle of Holland against the sea is evolving into a new phase – floating constructions. Together with Blue21 we believe is should be possible to realise a floating airport in the North Sea using proven technology. Research is being done within the European Space@Sea project by the Dutch research institute MARIN, to study the options of floating islands at sea. Their research adds to this initiative.

Our aim is to have testprograms prove that we can initiate the worlds first FLOATING airport island, as a hub for intercontinental flights within a carbon neutral European network like the Hyperloop.


Depending on developments at HARDT Hyperloop in cooperation with Delft University we predict a modulair construction of 2 to 3 to 6 floating runways at approx. 12 km from the Dutch coast. This enables a phased transition from national airport Schiphol ashore to our DFA airport offshore. In this way the pollution over Dutch soil like airplane noise, fine particles and NOx exhaust is gradually reduced to zero.

Together with other partners we have come to the conclusion that a HYBRID CONCEPT will secure the right circumstances in our choppy North Sea. A solid breakwater can ensure STILL WATERS. Within this enclosure not only an airport is possible, but also various floating production facilities e.g. Blue Energy and sustainable fuels like green hydrogen and synthetic kerosene.Also operations for a broad range of food and non-food products made from seaweed. Energy and sustainability are key. We aim at synergy with windgeneratorparcs as an ENERGYHUB for (DC)electricity and hydrogen.


DFA Airport should not only become the first floating airport. Eventually the goal is a carbon neutral airport that produces synthetic kerosene from green hydrogen and CO2. If CO2 is used from industry like Tata Steel IJmuiden or the Port of Rotterdam, a 50% general CO2 reduction is possible. However as soon as we can effectively extract CO2 from the air, it seems possible TO CREATE CARBON NEUTRAL AVIATION!


Our DFA Airport presentation provides more insight in the way how this project might be realised. Also this website contains various informations about past and present initiatives and research, in particular about Blue21 and MARIN. But also the Japanese runway Megafloat of the year 2000 with a length of 1 km is certainly worth mentioning.

DFA Airport aims to make The Netherlands healthier and maintain excellent economic perspectives. Not just for our country, but for cities/airports worldwide. We are seeking partners for this project that might become Hollands biggest exportproduct ever. Under Dutch Law donations may be tax deductable (ANBI). Join us!


Let’s Fly into a Floating Future!


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